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The Original Press Release:

Doritos Chip that looks like the Pope's Hat up for auction


Salem, MA – March 12 - A Doritos Chip that amazingly resembles the Pope’s Mitre (a.k.a. His Holiness’ “really tall hat”) was found in a bag of Doritos "Nacho Cheesier Doritos" this evening, according to The Chadwick family of Salem, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

After much deliberation amongst the family about what to do with the chip, it was decided that it would be unfair to not share it with the world. Following the recent trends of auctioning religious memorabilia, the chip was immediately ushered to a late-night photo session and then posted on the worldwide auction site, eBay.

The chip’s online auction listing states “the auction is for just this chip and the empty bag as the rest of the chips were consumed while creating this listing.” Bidding had begun at $3.29, which the description says is “to cover the cost of a replacement bag.”

The item is being listed purely for humorous reasons and the family is happy to have found this rarity at a time when the Pope’s health continues to improve after his recent hospitalization.

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 Rich Chadwick 

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